10 Careers You Have Never Considered

Feeling like everyone and their sister is trying to find the same type of job? We have compiled a list of ten career areas that are often overlooked.

  1. Piano Tuning: As a piano tuner, you can make up to $200 an hour. Elderly and aging piano tuners are begging to hand over their client lists. This portable skill can get you work anywhere in the world. It does take some time and training to become a certified tuner, but almost all those who complete the program are actively recruited for open positions.
  2. Wastewater treatment: Most people don’t know what happens to their waste after they flush the toilet. It goes to a treatment plant. If you can handle the odd bad smell, this might be the job for you. Average wages begin well over minimum and many positions have the benefits associated with being unionized.
  3. Funeral director: This college program requires only two years of training. With an ever-increasing population and thus, death rate, it is a field with increasing demand.
  4. Perfusionist: With only 3500 perfusionists across the United States, there is a shortage of skilled labor in this field. Perfusionists run the cardiopulmonary (heart/lung) bypass machines during cardiac (heart) surgeries. Within a few years of graduation, perfusionists can early six figure salaries. The prerequisite is a Bachelor of science degree and a perfusion diploma which take a year or two to obtain.
  5. English Au Pair in China: Wealthy families are looking for native English-speaking au pairs to care for their children and educate them in English. College graduates are most in demand, as they can teach desirable accents, customs and manners.
  6. Allied health care professions: Speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, imaging technologists (X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine), radiation therapists, audiologists, and lab technicians are often forgotten when a young person is interested in entering healthcare.
  7. Technical writer: With a portfolio of writing samples, anything from articles, blog posts, even slide decks, you can apply for technical writing positions, most of which provide ample on the job training.
  8. Court stenographer: With a three-year diploma, you can earn $50,000+. Good spelling and grammar are a must.
  9. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist: With a diploma and training in this field, you can do anything from making maps to interpretation of satellite imagery.
  10. Underwater welder: You’ll need a commercial diver’s license and training and experience in welding to do this exciting and unique job. While little time is spent actually welding, getting to remote and exotic locations for each project can often by the challenge.