Career Advice from 10 Years Ago – Does It Still Apply?

In 2008, the “great recession” was in full swing. Today, the economy is considered to be in great shape. Does job advice offered in harder economic times still apply? At that time, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 14 million Americans were unemployed and actively looking for work.

Let’s take a look at a few tips offered on in 2008. You be the judge of whether or not they still apply today.

Eight Tips for Job Hunting During the Recession – 2008 revisited

Tip 1: Be selective about your prospects

Choose a finite number of companies that interest you and go after them, no matter whether they are currently posting jobs or not.

Tip 2: Focus on growing sectors

Any job that that is solving a current problem is recession-proof.

Tip 3: Network your heart out

Old friends, new connections, your coffee shop barista – all are potential sources of jobs or other connections. Scroll through your contact list and tell everyone you know or meet that you are looking to chat about opportunities.

Tip 4: Sell yourself 

Learn the craft of talking about yourself in a positive way. Learn to share your accomplishments and skills in a meaningful and concrete manner so that you leave a positive and powerful impression. Specific examples are important so be prepared to share one for each attribute and skill.

Tip 5: Freelance or consult

Stay relevant but taking on small, finite projects in your field. Not only are you maintaining or growing your network, you are bringing in some cash to take the pressure off while you continue to search for the ideal position.

Tip 6: Accept temporary employment

Widen your search to include part-time and temporary positions. Many of these can turn into full-time employment or may lead to other things.

Tip 7: Keep an eye on the details

Make each cover letter personal. Change your cv highlights to match positions and send personal thank you notes or emails after every interview, even the ones where you feel you didn’t get the job. A thank you note is also an opportunity to ask for feedback so you can adjust the details of your answers for the next interview.

Tip 8: Stay Hopeful

Stay hopeful and positive, though it may be tough. Rejection is never easy, but it is rarely personal on the job hunt.

Editor’s note: In 2018, each of these eight tips sounds right on target. Apparently, job searching in all economic conditions is similar. No matter the times, network, talk about your capabilities, stay positive and remain open to the possibilities that are around the corner.