Injecting Personality into Your Job Search and Your Work Is Actually Good for Your Career

If you are an athletic sports-lover, do you have to work in sports to be yourself? If you are funny, do you have to work in a really casual environment to let your true colours shine? Of course not. However, learning how to be fully yourself in a professional way, can take some thought, sensitivity and common sense.

Often, the pressure to appear professional can overwhelm a new graduate or young person. You may feel like this means you have to behave, dress and speak like someone you are not. This is not true. You can make a good impression at work and behave professionally while maintaining your personal style. It takes all types of personalities to run a business or an organization. Keep reading to find out how to be yourself and make a good impression in the workforce.

These tips will help you use your unique personal traits to your benefit, while also benefiting your employer.

Your personality can help you get hired
Different jobs require different personality traits and characteristics. You don’t have to morph from one character into another to get the job of your dreams. You just need to do some research. What job suits your personality best? Where can you feel most comfortable? If you aren’t into dealing with people, perhaps a retail or customer service position just isn’t right for you – no matter how much you love the company. Maybe that company has some less people-facing positions that could work for you.

Not only will the right position allow you to be more relaxed at work, but it will also be a more natural job search process. You will be a more relaxed interviewee and will land a better job – it will be easier to stand out from the competition.

Use your personality to survive and thrive at work
• Keep your eyes and ears open at all times so you can get to know the company culture.
• Be aware of unwritten rules and do your best to avoid breaking them. Clean your dishes; don’t eat food that you are not sure is for you; clean up after yourself.
• Be professional, friendly and respectful to everyone you meet, no matter where you meet them. You never know who they are, or to whom they are related.
• Be yourself. You were chosen for this job because of your personal attributes, so let them shine.

In your first few weeks and months on the job, understand that your colleagues and managers appreciate your fresh perspective. However, be careful to deliver that perspective respectfully, rather than as a know-it-all.


Personality mixed with professionalism is a recipe for success at work. When you don’t have to hide your personality, you will thrive in your career.