Top 10 Tips for Job Seekers over 50

While the economy is in recovery mode, finding a job today can still be a challenge. Job seekers, no matter their age, must face more obstacles than they ten years ago. For those over 50 years of age, their are even more potential bumps along the road.

With the right approach, you can put your age and experience to work for you. Avoid potential pitfalls by considering the following suggestions.

Sharpen Your Resume

Your potential employer should be impressed with your skills and abilities rather than the fact that you graduated during the Second World War. Highlight your last ten years of experience and omit the rest. It is also acceptable to remove college graduation dates from your resume.

Network and Then Network Some More

Forget the newspaper. Keep looking online, but at the same time, find creative ways to get in front of employers. Your best bet is to have the most positive face-to-face interactions with potential contacts. Be helpful without being pushy.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Employment is won and lost at the interview stage. Be energetic, passionate, approachable, personable, and well-informed. You will have to work to demonstrate that you are “with-it”. Dress appropriately for the work environment. While you want to appear professional, it is important to avoid looking stogy or old-fashioned.

Prove Age Is an Asset

While you will want to avoid drawing attention to your age, you can use it to your advantage. Use examples from your work history to show how your depth and breadth of experience gives you an edge over younger candidates.

Be a Team Player

Younger managers may be concerned that older candidates won’t be able to fit into a team. Give examples of how you have worked as part of a team made up of members of all levels of an organization, regardless of age.

Be Tech Savvy

Hiring managers perceive older candidates as less able to adopt new technology or work within it. Show that you are already comfortable in a tech environment by having a presence on social media sites, communicating with the managers by text, email or even Skype, if the situation is appropriate.

Solve the Problem

All organizations face problems. Research your potential employer and sell yourself as part of the solution to their problem. Demonstrate that you will be too valuable an asset not to hire.

Upgrade Your Skills Online

By taking online courses you demonstrate two things: You know how to use technology and you are committed to keeping your skills current.

Focus on Age-Friendly Organizations

Why waste your energy where you are not wanted or where getting hired will be an uphill battle. Find organizations that already have older employees, and focus on finding employment there.

Stay Positive and Be Persistent

It’s not easy for a job seeker of any age to stay positive. By focusing on what you have to do ‘today’, rather than the uphill battle ahead, you will avoid getting overwhelmed. Stay positive, be persistent. Focus on the positives, both in your job search and the bigger picture of your life. Your hard work will pay off.