Top 10 Ways to Refresh Your Job Search

There is no doubt that a long job search can wear you down. We have compiled a list of ten ways to get you back on track.

1. Identify your stumbling points

Think about what is slowing you down. Are the positions you are applying for not ones that you really want? Are you tired because your job search is an added burden after a day at the office? Does a lack of response from hiring managers discourage you? Once you know what bothers you, you can begin to devise a plan to overcome the problem.

2. Press pause

When things aren’t going well, our tendency is to try harder. Don’t. Take a break. Do something for yourself. When you have had a good break, get back to your search with a fresh perspective.

3. Take your search offline

Consider spending more time meeting with people for coffee, going to job fairs and networking events, rather than spending hours online. You will be able to get more immediate feedback. This will help inspire your efforts and help you overcome the feeling of sending your energy into the void of the internet.

4. Get a job

Take a job that is less than perfect and continue your search. Anything is better than nothing to help motivate you to be focused and smart about your search. It will also help you to take some of the financial pressure off yourself.

5. Volunteer with a nonprofit

Spend a few hours each week doing volunteer work that you find meaningful. You will make new contacts, learn new skills and will add to your resume.

6. Take up a hobby

Inspiration can come from many places. Not only will you feel refreshed, you will be doing something positive for yourself and may make new contacts and expand your network through a hobby. You never know where following a personal passion might take you.

7. Start a side hustle

Consider starting something or continuing something that you haven’t had time to do but have always wanted to pursue. A personal blog, a podcast, even a book club could help you manage your time, inspire you, and allow you to make new connections. In addition, you may learn new skills and boost your confidence.

8. Become a cheerleader

While you may be feeling down, there are also others who don’t feel great. It may seem counterintuitive, but cheering them will help you to feel worthwhile while doing something to help out a friend, family member or even a stranger.

9. Unplug for a period of time every single day

You have the time right now. Take a minimum of 30 minutes every day to shut down all digital communication. Read a book or listen to music. This communication-free time will allow you to clear your mind of negative input.

10. Get out of your comfort zone

Be bold and decisive to move toward the career that you want. Do things that you may have wanted to do before but never had the courage to do. If you overhear a conversation that interests you, march up to that stranger and introduce yourself. Take a class that is way outside of your comfort zone but that interests you. Timidity will slow you down. By practicing being bold, you will gain confidence, and potentially make breakthroughs both personally and professionally.